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Changing or Adding Hours/Salary/Line Items in Time Slips

Changing Hours or Salary Only:

The Hours/Salary/Line Items that are pulled into time slips are copied from the employee’s maintenance record. Some counties will update the hours/salary/line items in the employee’s maintenance record prior to creating time slips. I only recommend this if the change is a permanent change. If the change is only for a specific pay period, I recommend changing the information in the time slip record.

The following example shows how to change the total number of hours an hourly employee works. In this example, the employee’s default hours are 80 and there is only one row in the hourly charge out grid. To change the number of hours, select the Change button and change the Totals Hours edit box:

Once the hours are changed, just press the Save Changes button. There is no need to select the Charge Out – Hourly button.

To change an employee’s salary amount, use the same instructions, but change the Total Salary edit box.

To change the Line Item Account:

In this example, an employee has been terminated and is being paid their for their left over vacation hours.

Select the Change button and then select the Charge Out – Hourly button. If the total hours to be paid is different than the employee’s default hours, change the amount in the Total Hours edit box, then select the Edit button. In this example, the default hours are 80, but the employee is only being paid for 70.

Tab to the Hours edit box and change the hours.

Tab to the Acct lookup box and select the correct line item account. If everything is correct, then Save and Exit the form.

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