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Direct Deposit Setup Instructions

In the Employee Maintenance Screen, enter the employee’s banking information in the Direct Deposit section:

FYI – TRN Code 22 = Checking Account, TRN Code 32 = Savings Account

NOTE: If for any reason an employee wishes to disable their direct deposit, just uncheck the ‘Check to Enable’ box. This can be re-enabled at any time before check processing by checking the same box.

Check processing for direct deposit is no different than processing paper checks. Any employee that is set up for direct deposit will be given a dummy check number of 9999999. The direct deposit ACH file will need to be created and sent to the county’s bank. To create the ACH file, in the Check Processing screen to go Reporting – Direct Deposit. (NOTE: A test file will need to be sent to the bank prior to running a payroll to determine which format your bank will accept)

Select the date of the checks, the Direct Disk option under Direct Deposit Options, enter the Bank Name and select the Direct Deposit Format. Then click the Start Report button to create the ACH file. The file will be created on the Desktop and will be called DDNacha.txt.

From this screen, the Direct Deposit “check” stubs can also be run by selecting the check date and the Direct Deposit Stubs option.

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